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mamecn 2016-5-14 17:13

19年了!街机模拟器 MAME 正式成为开源软件

各分支版本注意(只要你不是 MAME 本家的)
Mame Plus MultiJET将不再更新
MAME Plus! Plus Kaillera将不再更新
mame ash build将不再更新
MAME Plus! eXTended 将不再更新

各程序代码授权仅提供 MAME 使用,非 MAME 的话请自行重写程序,或者跟各

目前影响范围: MAMEUI MiSFiTMAME MEWUI MAMEUIFX 不更新,MAME PLUS! 前两版就不更新,MAME Plus! Plus Kaillera前八版就不更新

没有影响的就纯 FrontEnd,如 MAME Plus 的 GUI 程序、MAMEUI 作者的 IV/Play 等


Attention for all derivative builds
04 Mar 2016

Please be aware that only files distributed by Mamedev (those available via
the official GitHub) have been subject to the relicensing efforts.

If you maintain a derivative build please be aware that you will have to gain
the correct permission from all contributors for any extra code you have in
your build. Code that was distributed under the previous MAME license can not
be included or linked to MAME from this point forward without being
relicensed, requiring permission from all contributors to that code.

This applies to all derivative builds, including MAMEUI, MESSUI etc. so if
you have a derivative build based upon that code you will need to either
rewrite from scratch or obtain permission from all contributors to the code
in order to relicense.

MAME 是模拟街机游戏的工具,主要目标是保存历史的游戏,防止古老的游戏被丢失和遗忘。MAME = Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (多重大型电玩模拟器)。MAME 最初是由 C 语言编写的,现在是 C++,官方只支持 Windows 平台。

MAME 最初使用的授权协议是开放源代码的,但是禁止商业销售和使用,所以不能算作是开源软件。在过去的 10 个月,MAME 联系了其项目所有贡献者和外部贡献者,讨论关于更换授权协议的事情。

MAME 现在正式宣布把授权协议换成 GPLv2+,正式成为开源软件。此外,MAME 的独立组件都遵循 BSD 协议开源。

MAME 在 GitHub 地址:[url]https://github.com/mamedev/mame[/url]

MAME 组件在 GitHub 地址:[url]https://github.com/mamedev[/url]
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